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deGraan Farms, Our Story

Our farm began the year after Bobby and Jennifer were married in 2004. For the first 5 years deGraan Farms was just a cow calf operation, selling to the commercial feed lots. In 2009, we started deGraan Farms Grass-Fed Beef. The grass-fed Beef business allowed us to capture the end product of our beef production. Over 10 years, we tweaked our program, putting a lot of emphasis on that end product. Hybr Vigor was our focus. We bought cows that had a Brahman base, bred to Herefords, and then those offspring were bred to Angus or Brangus bulls. The end product was a beautiful super baldy or a slicked off Brangus type cow! As our beef business bloomed, so did the popularity of our heifers we were producing. In 2018, we decided to end the beef business for various reasons; mainly, the cost of production was out weighing our desire to keep processing our beef. So, today, we are using that knowledge of the end beef product to produce other farmers a top of the line, beef producing heifer. deGraan Farm’s focus is Hybr Vigor first, fertility and longevity second, and beef quality third. Our cattle also meet high temperament standards. We had young boys the first 10 years of running our farm, so we know what it means to be able to walk thru your pastures with the cows, working cows as a family, and the safety of everyone around those cattle. We want our knowledge and genetics to run thru our heifers.

The deGraan Difference

Our story goes back to selling our end product; Grass-Fed Beef; to customers in our local area. Over the last 15 years, with our background in cattle and producing quality grass-fed beef can be seen in our replacement heifers. Learn more about us to see the deGraan Farms difference for yourself!


deGraan Farms Selective Genetics

From selective genetics to enviromentally conscious, deGraan Farms produces gentle heifers with the genetics to last you for years.


deGraan Farm Services

deGraan Farms takes pride in the heifers we produce. With that comes our commitment to helping you get your heifers off to the right start. We offer consultation on how to set up your farm, to herd health, and calving out your heifers .


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